Respondents had the option of giving their names or not.

Nice bright welcoming signs with flags on approach roads to town. Council to lead the way in picking up litter etc. instead of driving around criminalising people. Seán Whelan

Get rid of intern jobs as they are not giving the employment people want - We need paid jobs, sustainable jobs.... More community spirit... there is a lack of it around the town... everyone keeps to themselves... more encouragement to clean up the town and more people get involved by caring for the town. Noreen

Make Lyster Square safer for pedestrians. Denise Dunne

Courthouse shouldn't be on Main Street - lovely building but very ugly sights witnessed by all on days the court sits. Intimidating to pass by on these days - shows the seamy side of portlaoise. Also a lot of harassment by beggars particularly outside P.O and ATMS - Gardaí seem to turn a blind eye to this. In a town with such a high Garda presence, it is unacceptable. Deirdre

It is the centre of Ireland yet there are no big companies or investors. More sustainable employment needed. Jarek

Completely pedestrianise Main Street. -

Pedestrianise Main Street and give discounted rates to craft shops, cafes, music venues etc. Ollie Plunkett

A better cinema. The present one, for all its gloss, has the atmosphere of a morgue; it is too expensive; and the management (whenever he or she is visible) and staff barely go through the motions of courtesy and welcome. Thank God for Dunamaise. Mark

More activities for the youth to keep them off the streets and out of harm. -

Improve the stretch from Garda station to church as this is what first-time visitors to the town see first. Also decent food outlets. -

A stronger Garda presence on the streets at night. Cleaner streets, more business on Main Street including pop-up shops in unused units. Recognition from the state/IDA that they have failed us. A push to create sustainable jobs. Christy Bannon

More private investment to create jobs (ie the IDA getting its finger out and promoting the Midlands much more proactively than hitherto). Frank Parker

Litter needs to be addressed again, and dogs soiling the streets is still a huge problem. Jackie Booth

Bring more business to the town. It's in a great location and it's a shame this has not been done already. Colette Meleady

Stop the sprawl of retail outlets and at least aim to try and create a sense of cohesion in the town. -

A vibrant and busy Main Street with lots of local artists and writers holding workshops etc. in closed down shop units. Music, busking, street artists and the like on Saturdays. Pedestrianise from Courthouse to Fortunes Corner for such activities. Street markets etc. Gerry Browne

Remove disc parking, promote shopping. Clean up town - arrange community-orientated events in tandem with schools to tidy & paint the town. Make the youth proud of Portlaoise by getting them to participate in the cleanup. Remove disused signs, advertising, posters and cable ties from the street lights etc. Greg Augustine

Investment and policies to reflect real strategic location of Portlaoise and the high level of population's choice as home town. -

Draw greater youth to the region. The town has an ageing population. Greater facilities needed for under 18's and youths. -

Some investment from the state equal to what Tullamore was given during the Cowen Regime. Stu

Being a little more welcoming to foreigners. The land of a hundred thousand welcomes does not apply in a lot of places in Ireland anymore and it's a shame to see! -

More drama productions in the Dunamaise would be a welcomed addition... Third level courses in town (something similar to Portarlington)... I think the town could benefit from a third level college/institute of technology. Joan Colbert

Better job opportunities, better public transport, cycling lanes, easier access to participate in all the arts. Fintan Kennedy

More Garda presence. More employment opportunity. Lewis

Not sure... possibly a venue that could bring in famous acts (I know we have Sky Venue but that's not run well enough). Eamon Dunne.

Get KFC. Jamie Holohan

More employment into the town. There are a lot of highly skilled people who all travel to work. Surely we can get more professional companies here? -

No dog poo on foothpaths. Foothpaths kept clean fron weeds, litter etc. -

More commercial jobs. Tom

A decent restaurant, less traffic, free parking. Eugene McDonough

Better parking options for shoppers on Main Street/town centre area. Julie Winters

Increased Garda presence outside popular establishments during peak pub/nightclub hours on weekends. Can be like walking into a minefield at times, especially if you look a certain way or are walking through town alone. -

If everyone would shop in the smaller shops and keep them alive, i.e., the Main Street. -

Main St. again being the heart of the town. Joan McCarthy

New emphasis on presentation of business premises. Copy places that present themselves well like Kilkenny, Westport, Kenmare etc. Noel McCarthy

More jobs. -

Better shops - Oasis, River Island etc. so we don't have to travel to Carlow, Newbridge or Dublin to get nice clothes!!! -

Reverse the one-way system at Shaws, it keeps the Main Street clear of traffic build-up at school times. Michael Larkin

More industrial development. -

More private sector employment. -

Bring people back into Main Street by having a Market Day. Anne Casey

More employment. -

I would alter some traffic regulations, and get local resident associations to maintain their own streets and roads for starters, and get derelict buildings cleaned up. The community spirit is gone. P. Coughlan

Remove bollards from Main Street. Get rid of that cobblelock (it looks like a pedestrianised road). Re-tarmac it and make it look like a real Main Street again. Stag

Encourage multinational companies to move out of the cities and towards the midland counties. Frances

Ring road all around the town and more big name shops. -

Additional jobs. Paul

The Main Street is crying out to be pedestrianised from Lester Lane to Shaws with the provision of a focal point,e.g. band stand or covered walkway. Joe Murphy

More jobs like every other mid-sized town! -

Main Street is not very appealing to people to shop. Town is too divided with way too many housing estates, with little or no interaction with neighbours. The town has become very dilapidated, depressing etc. Other surrounding towns seem to have a lot more going for them. Nothing much ever happens, there is no sense of well-being out there among anyone. -

More Gardaí on the streets after dark. -

Free parking on Main Street. Thomas Fenlon

Maintaining housing estates, street cleanliness and more Garda presence. Elaine Slattery

If there were more bins available. Christina

Clean-up. New ways of dealing with teenage alcohol/drug abuse and loitering. Limit numbers in primary school classes. More group activities for people of ALL ages and better advertisements for these groups [all methods of advertising; internet, newspaper, poster, etc.]. Increase Garda presence. Sharon Byrne

More walking and cycle routes around scenic areas. A dog park. Barbara Collins

It would be nice to see more reasonably priced restaurants. It was such a pity to see Jim's Kitchen close even though it was only open during the day. The restaurant and foodhall was a pleasure to visit and we need something to replace it. The Dunamaise is a great amenity and should have more plays showing there. In general Portlaoise has improved significantly in the last 10 years but it still lacks restaurants. -

An Institute of Technology or a University would be a great addition, and very accessible to people from all around the country due to our central location. Unfortunately, due to the state of education in the country at present, it isn't something that is likely to happen in my lifetime, at least. Barry Flynn

Improve traffic flow. Pedestrian crossings too near roundabouts. Less roundabouts and more traffic lights with filter lanes. Car park is highly dangerous for pedestrians. A bigger post office. More Main Street shopping. Give the town back its heart. John Pattwell

For the people to know that all "non-nationals" are not bad people. -

Make Portlaoise more clean, and reduce anti-social behaviour. Tony Huang

Get the Main Street back in business. Eilish

Get rid of all Councillors and elect new faces. John

More sports facilities. Konrad

I would try to encourage shops back to the Main Street and also encourage more high street clothes shops to the town. I'd also like the streets and foothpaths free from litter and dog pooh. -

Pedestrianising the Main Street... a few market stalls out, and more cafes and places to sit and have a drink. Roger

More employment opportunities. -

I would like to see all approach roads to the town litter free and one nice sign of welcome in Irish and English - get rid of the various 'Mickey Mouse' signs on the approach roads. Mary

I.D.A develop jobs. Open up Main St. Allow parking. Tom

More Guards. Council actually doing something. Council provides zero service to me or my family. -

Cleaner streets, more of an atmosphere in the town. -

More companies being set up. There is a wealth of business areas vacant and the geographocal location, together with transport made easy, should be a major selling point. Colette Meleady

Shop fronts on Main Street and more seating areas for passers-by. Denise Duffy

More entertainments in pubs for middle-aged people. -

Pedestrianise the Main Street. It would help to bring the soul back to it. Paul Conroy

More Garda presence on the streets. Ann Duncan

Someone with vision to manage the Main Street. Lal Curtin

We need a couple of local festivals like the Emo Jazz or World Fleadh. I would also like to see a Welcome Back festival for all the Portlaoise people who have left the town to seek their fortunes elsewhere. I think we could do it if a committee was formed. Richard Connell

More social clubs where thirty-somethings could chat and just relax. Not necessarily a pub or nightclub. -

Manufacturing job creation with large multi-nationals. Make the Main Street pedestrian! Jean O'Brien

A much better local bus service. For example, carrying shoppers from estates to and from town, and schoolchildren to the various schools. Also more teenage discos and other recreational centres for the youth especially during the summer holidays. Mrs. S. Jewell

More Gardaí on beat. -

Turn Main Street into a market street on Saturday. It would add a carnival atmosphere and bring in much needed business to the centre of the town. John Casey