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1 Patrick Ward

2 The Knights Showband

2a Portlaoise Singers

3 Gary Dunne. Lunatic Antics. Perfect Skins. Shanragh. Bonnefires.

4 Transmitter. The Mere Mortals. Solitaire. Zing. Niamh O'Neill. Thomas Kennedy.

5 Various. Lost for Words. Noel Keegan. Emer Dunne. Mesner. Trudi Lalor.

6 Perfect Skins. Gerry O'Neill. Damien Bowe. Strength in Numbers. Global Trad Underground. The Products.

7 Burning Boy. Camross Comhaltas. Ray Scanlon, Gary Dunne. James O'Connor with Audrey Trainor. Various.

8 Mesner. Various. Wally. Strength in Numbers. Macaboy. Christy Cullen & Friends.

9 The Mere Mortals. Gary Dunne. Red Hot Remembers. Tom Cushen. Mesner. The Crooked Jacks.

10 Rapunzel's Wig. Solitaire. Stradbally Variety Group. Ray Scanlon. Gary Dunne. James O'Connor with Audrey Trainor.

11 Na Fianna. Novastatic. Mesner. Noel Keegan. Killface. Kevin Healy.

12 Dave Morrissey. Portlaoise Gospel Choir. Seán Ryan. Scoil Mhuire Choir. The Rising Sons. 65 Kitchen Choir.

13 Tom Cushen. Goitse. Kevin Healy. Boy Lights Fire. James O'Connor with Audrey Trainor. The Crooked Jacks.

14 Gary Dunne. Various. Noel Keegan. Burning Boy. Colm Phelan. Dave Bowe.

15 Adela & The Meanits, Goitse. The Little Smoke. Tríona Marshall, Ray Scanlon. Damien Bowe.

16 Father Einstein. The Spokes Family. Cua. Emer Dunne & Drua. Cramptown Spaces. Kevin Healy.

17 Father Einstein. The Sober Theory. Father Einstein. Joe S. Lawrence Campion, James O'Connor.

18 Strength in Numbers, Brian Lalor. The Lost Messiahs. Goitse. Heather. Abyss

19 The Crooked Jacks. Kevin Healy. Portlaoise Contemporary Choir. The Dooley Brothers. De Brún. Cua.

20 Zarah Jane. Noel Keegan. Highwall. Suan. De Brún. Strength In Numbers.

21 Ray Scanlon. Gary Dunne. James O'Connor. Tom Cushen. Strength in Numbers. Joe S.

22 Spaz Attack. Cua. The Rising Sons. Ray Scanlon. Cua. Paddy Fitzpatrick

23 Gary Dunne, Global Trad Underground, James O'Connor, Paper Planes, Cua, Buíoch