OUR TOWN c. 1850 - 2000


In the mid-19th century, Andrew Malone, the lessee here, was succeeded by Michael Cormack and publican Judith Brophy who, as we've seen, was previously in business three doors back down the street. By 1901, Kate and Tom Doran were the occupants. She ran the pub; her brother was a farmer. Their cousin Ellen Sheil was the shop assistant and they had one domestic servant, Honora Kenna. By the early 1920's, the Dorans were succeeded by their niece, Ann 'Nannie' Keane. Like Judith Brophy, she too had lived three doors down the street. It's interesting that they both ended up here. I wonder were they related?

The business was next owned by the Farrell family and, after them, Tony and Mary 'May' Delaney (sister of Eddie Boylan). Today, Andy Bergin's might be the smallest pub in the town but when the jigs and reels are flying, the crack, as the saying goes, is 90. And it definitely runs away with the prize for the best upstairs windows on Main Street.